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Insectocutor halo Curve fly killer
Insectocutor halo Curve fly killer

Halo® Curve
Halo® Curve

Part of the Halo family, providing high efficacy, discreet insect control, ideal for customer facing areas.

The Halo® Curve from Insect-O-Cutor is the perfect addition to front-of-house areas.

The elegant shaped facade is punctuated by stylish detailing, hiding caught flies from the view of customers in restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars, and finished with cobalt grey UV stable polycarbonate edging.Easy to service, the front guard pivots to allow quick and easy tool free access to the two 15W tubes and glueboard, without the need to remove the guard during servicing.

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Product code HLCURVE 1106000820

• Elegant detailing and slim decorative design
• Part of the co-ordinated Insect-O-Cutor Halo® range
• Discreet fly catching glueboard hidden from view
• Horizontal or vertical mounting
• Quick and simple IEC mains socket, or discreet hard wiring option
• Easy tool free access and efficient servicing
• High efficacy UV tubes
• Designed for use with Glupac® glueboards with UV stabiliserwith UV stabiliser
• Independently tested and certified to RoHS and relevant European standards
• Tubes: 2 x TPX15-18
• Glueboard: 1 x GB005
• Suggested area coverage: 60m²


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