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As part of our services, we can offer extended technical support to you and your business

Our technical support teams are here for you
Field Biologist Inspections
Our qualified technical team can conduct an impartial inspection and write a full report of the site to meet auditing standards.
Technical Support
Pelsis can help find the root cause of a chronic pest infestation on your site and draw up an action plan to manage the infestation.
Insect Identification
Ask our technical experts for support with identifying the specific pest you are dealing with if you are unsure.
Customer Focused Training
Pelsis can provide training courses at your site to enable candidates to pass RSPH exams and receive RSPH accreditation.
Subject Specific Workshops
Pelsis workshops focus on specific pests to help you gain insight on how to manage them effectively.
Online Technical Support
Seek us out on Facebook or instagram, our technical team will be providing guidance on a number of pest problems.
Pest Awareness for non-PCO’s*
Pelsis can teach your customers the fundamentals of controlling pests to assist your pest management programme.

Contact us

To speak to one of our technical experts, Email: or Call 0800 988 5359

*These support services may incur a small fee
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